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The name of the game is Petals Around the Rose. The name of the game is important. The computer will roll five dice and ask you to guess the score for the roll. The score will always be zero or an even number. Your mission is to work out how the computer calculates the score and become a Potentate of the Rose.

Click on "Roll Dice" to start the game. Then either click on "Re-Roll Dice" to roll the dice again whitout getting the score, or type in your guess and click on "Accept Guess" to get the result. Then either click on "Roll Dice" for another turn, or simply leave this page to stop playing.
Good luck!

P.S. There are six Fun-messages™ hidden along the road, but you'll have to work hard® to find them...

1st Die

1st Die: 0

2nd Die

2nd Die: 0

3rd Die

3rd Die: 0

4th Die

4th Die: 0

5th Die

5th Die: 0


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PHP-Petals 1.5.7 by Jocke "Firetech" Andersson
Based on Lloyd Borrett's Petals Around the rose