YAGoL - Yet Another Game of Life

YAGoL is a (quite) simple implementation of Conway's Game of Life that I made because I had nothing else to do... It was also a learning experience in AWT hacking. =)

Since I can't be arsed to read through GNU GPL properly, I use my own license:
Free to use, abuse and/or modify for non-commercial purposes as long as I'm credited

Anyway, the code is written to be simple (I always do that), so there are not many comments inside the functions. However, every class, attribute and method is properly javadoc commented.

I haven't paid much attention to the GUI in this implementation, but the GolCanvas class should be usable in any AWT-capable application. Documentation of this class can be found in the doc folder. Feel free to write a better GUI, if you want to! =)

To run, just compile everything with javac *.java and then run java Yagol. Tested with JavaSE 1.6 and GNU java 4.1.2.


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